Transatlantic Security Bridges Over Increasing Security Vision Gaps - Romania's Perspective

16 April 2019 Marriott Hotel , Bucharest
Imagine Conferinta Transatlantic Security Bridges Over Increasing Security Vision Gaps - Romania's Perspective

The international system established in the aftermath of the Second World War is facing huge challenges coming from almost every single dimension of our existence today. The increasingly complex, interconnected, and transnational nature of these challenges underscores the utter importance of continuing transatlantic cooperation and building new bridges between people and peoples that share the same values and major security concerns.

Owing to the devastating and often long-lasting crises and conflicts spread across the globe, and even to the large and profound discontinuities of contemporary society, it seems that insecurity and frustration have become dominant sense of people all over the world.

It is of utmost importance that Europe remains at the core of transatlantic security and Central and Eastern Europe ought to play a central role in shaping European security futures. Particularly, NATO’s Eastern flank members need permanent security reassurance and consistent arrangements for an increased military presence in the region. To the east, EU is concerned about the violation of European security order and the Black Sea Region embodies high complex security issues, being “a critical intersection of east-west and south-north corridors”. Romania is at the crossroads of all these insecurity rifts and therefore a strategic player for any comprehensive European and transatlantic security strategy.

This moment of unprecedented uncertainties has raised fundamental questions about our global-governance architecture. Among many who are expected to provide an answer, there are not only politicians, but also academia and civil society that have to work together to come up with a feasible innovative design of our future world in what it is going to become the Globalization 4.0 Era.


  • Debating on the uppermost topics regarding the vision and strategy security contradictions of Atlantic’s two rims, given the reaffirmation of the traditional power factors and state’s primordiality on the international scene.
  • The analysis of collision’s meanings and importance between unilateral and multilateral security model in the current Euro-Atlantic security context.
  • The survival or strengthening issue of the transatlantic cooperation in times of “First” strategies type and global political transformations under the 4.0 globalization.
  • The importance of national, regional and global security actors and their initiatives to increase the partnership and the transatlantic interoperability, from Bucharest’s perspective;
  • The analysis of US and EU’s security convergences in Black Sea’s Region, as well as the impact of hybrid threats over this surrounding area, focusing on Romania’s key role in ensuring regional security and stability;
  • The debate on the forms and formats of common defence against Russia’s hostile actions and influence in Center and East of Europe;
  • The identification of the role and critical aspects of security and intelligence partnerships between the Euro-Atlantic military and civil areas of responsibility and initiative;
  • The analysis of the impact of new technologies over the transatlantic security and the identification of some innovative models for future’s security, focusing on artificial intelligence, cyber-security and autonomy’s increase of complex armament systems;


“Transatlantic Security Bridges Over Increasing Security Vision Gaps - Romania's Perspective” conference addresses those policy makers and specialists from the security, defence and European businesses fields, who are working in public or private institutions, academic and research of national and international security issues environment, as well as to those interested on the understanding and anticipation of the actual regional security dynamics and the place Romania has in the Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

  • 1. Emerging security challenges in a challenging world of “Firsts”

  • 2. National, regional and global in a contested global-governance architecture

  • 3. (In)security drivers of change in an increasing disconnected world

  • 4. Emerging technologies that shape the rising new global system

  • 5. Conclusions


  • Imaginea speakerului Charles Charles "Chuck" Wald

    Former Deputy Commander, Headquarters U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany

  • Imaginea speakerului Carol Rollie Flynn Carol Rollie Flynn

    Senior Fellow in the Program on National Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Washington DC

  • Imaginea speakerului Anthony Pfaff Anthony Pfaff

    Research professor for the Military Profession and Ethic at the Strategic Studies (SSI), U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA

  • Imaginea speakerului Arnold Dupuy Arnold Dupuy

    Booz Allen Hamilton Associate

  • Imaginea speakerului Jeffrey Bonvicin Jeffrey Bonvicin

    Senior Advisor with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, based in the Washington, DC

  • Imaginea speakerului Hans-Lothar Domröse Hans-Lothar Domröse

    Former Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum

  • Imaginea speakerului George Sharkov George Sharkov

    Adviser to the Bulgarian Minsiter of Defence

  • Imaginea speakerului Arvydas Pocius Arvydas Pocius

    Lithuanian Ambassador in Romania

  • Imaginea speakerului Cristian Diaconescu Cristian Diaconescu

    Ambassador, Former Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs

  • Imaginea speakerului Silviu Rogobete Silviu Rogobete

    Professor of Philosophy at the Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara, former General Consul of Romania in South Africa

  • Imaginea speakerului Adrian Curaj Adrian Curaj

    Former minister of national education and scientific research

  • Imaginea speakerului Iulian Chifu Iulian Chifu

    Former Presidential Adviser for Strategic Affairs and International Security, Romanian Presidency

  • Imaginea speakerului George Ciamba George Ciamba

    Romanian Minister Delegate for European Affairs

  • Imaginea speakerului Flaviu Turcu Flaviu Turcu

    Associate Professor UBB

  • Imaginea speakerului Liliana Popescu Liliana Popescu

    Vice-Rector for International Relations SNSPA Romania, Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Manchester)

  • Imaginea speakerului Sergiu Medar Sergiu Medar

    Former National Security Adviser

  • Imaginea speakerului Niculae Iancu Niculae Iancu

    Senior Opinion Columnist, Defence and Security Monitor



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