The national security policy - From strategic thinking to security and defence institutions

October 3rd, 2019 JW Marriott Hotel, Bucharest


Thomas-Durell Young US Cert., Ph.D., Dipl. Institute for Security Governance Defense Security Cooperation Agency, Naval Postgraduate School US - Monterey, CA 93943

Thomas-Durell Young is Program Manager, Europe Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR), Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. He is also Academic Associate for the Comparative Defense Planning Certificate in the Department of National Security Affairs. He has authored / co-authored 3 books and monographs and over 100 book chapters, articles and book reviews. His currently completing a book-length manuscript that is the first comprehensive assessment of the current state of defense institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and identifies innovative reform techniques. Its tentative title: Anatomy of Post-Communist European Defense Institutions: Why Reform Has Failed.

Itai Brun Brigadier General (Ret.), INSS, Israel

Brigadier General (Ret.) Itai Brun joined INSS as a Deputy Director for Research and Analysis in December 2018. In his last position in the IDF he served as the head of Israel Defense Intelligence (IDI) Analysis Division (2011-2015). Prior to this position, he was the head of the Analysis Department in the Israeli Air Force Intelligence and the first director of the IDF's DADO Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies. He founded the center in late 2006, after the second Lebanon War, and served as its director till January 2011. Itai is a lawyer by training. His academic background includes Law and Political Science. He earned his LL.B Degree (Law studies) from Haifa University (cum laude) and a Master's Degree in Political Science (Diplomacy and Security Studies) from Tel-Aviv University (cum laude). Brun is teaching courses on intelligence and national security in the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and the Haifa University. Brigadier General (Ret.) Itai Brun published a series of articles on intelligence, air power and military doctrine. His book Intelligence Analysis - Understanding Reality in time of Dramatic Changes was published in 2015 (Hebrew edition) and in 2018 (updated English version) by the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC). He is the co-author (with Itamar Rabinovich) of the book Israel Facing a New Middle East: In Search of a National Security Strategy (2017), published by the Hoover Institution Press.

Jaroslaw Strozyk Brigadier General (Ret.), Poland, Former Deputy Director Intelligence Division, NATO HQ Brussels

He served at senior executive positions in the Ministry of National Defense, Poland. Currently he is a lecturer at University of Wrocław. Deeply engaged in diplomacy, international business affairs and intelligence analysis. With 25 years of expertise in Intelligence programs he provides a deep insight as an expert in Polish and international business development in the defense industries, focusing on supporting strategic planning. His experience includes an extensive work in military strategic planning, comprising multinational programs. He is a speaker on current European issues and professional intelligence matters at different academies and colleges. BG J. Stróżyk served as Deputy Director Intelligence Division, International Military Staff, NATO HQ Brussels (2010-2013) and Defense Attaché of Republic of Poland in Washington DC until 2016. Among other international assignments (2006-2007) he assumed position as Deputy Chairman Coalition Analysis Cell within J2 US Central Command in Tampa, US. He acted also as an intelligence planner at the Polish Military Representative MILREP Office, NATO HQ, Brussels (1999-2003). Since 1997 he gained much expertise participating in numerous NATO Committees, including NATO Intelligence Board and NATO Intelligence Warning System. Among others he attended in 2012 General and Ambassador Course at NATO Defence Colege in Rome. Brigadier General (Ret.) Jaroslaw Stróżyk PhD dissertation Contemporary International Intelligence Cooperation due to be published by the end of 2019. He published a series of articles on NATO, Russian armed forces and exercises to include ZAPAD’17 at The Cipher Brief and national media.

Niculae Iancu Concept's coordinator

Niculae Iancu is a national security specialist. He has worked in the field of international military cooperation and strategic planning, having relevant expertise on NATO, multinational operations, integrated planning and public policies in the security, defence and intelligence areas. He has over twenty years of experience in the fields of defence and security research and intelligence and security higher education. He was Rector of the "Mihai Viteazul" National Intelligence Academy (2013-2017). He holds a PhD degree at the Military Technical Academy, a master's degree in Security Studies at the University of Bucharest and a bachelor degree in weapon systems engineering at the Military Technical Academy.

Constantin Ionescu State Counselor, Director of the Integrated Information Office, within the National Security Department of the Presidential Administration

Iulian Fota Former presidential adviser, head of the Department for national security

Iulian Fota has a degree in civil and industrial constructions, a Master diploma in international relations at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, and postgraduate classes in international security at the National Defence College of the National Defence School. He was part of the team who worked at the NATO and EU accession and integration plans and programs. Currently, he is a lecturer at the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy and, during time, he had several positions across the state system, such as presidential counsellor for national security (2009-2014), director at the National Defence College (2005-2009), counsellor for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defence Policy Department, in the Ministry of National Defence (2001-2005) and director at the National Intelligence College (since 2017).

Constantin Degeratu General (r), former head of the SMG, former presidential adviser for national security

General Constantin Degeratu is former Chief of the General Staff of Defence, a position he had between 1997 and 2000. Constantin Degeratu has a large experience in security and defence strategies, he is an expert in military sciences and strategic leadership. He is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, where he teachers “International crises and conflicts: prevention and management”. Also, Constantin Degeratu taught “Theory of Rational Choice; Crises Management” at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He graduated the Military Academy from Bucharest, as well as the National Defence College. He also has a PhD in military sciences. He was state counsellor at the National Security Department across the Presidential Administration.

Gheorghe Savu General (r), former head of DGIA, former head of military representation in NATO and EU

Gen (ret.) GHEORGHE SAVU CEng PhD (born 1959) graduated Technical Military Academy in Bucharest, Romania. He joined the Romanian Defence Intelligence as a Lieutenant and left it after 28 years as a Lieutenant General, having positions as the Chief of Military Intelligence Directorate(2005-2009) and Director General for Defence Inteligence(2009-2012). After his intelligence career, Gen Savu worked in Brussels as a Minister Councelor within the Romanian Permanent Representation to the EU(2012-2014) and Romanian Military Representative to NATO and the EU(2014-2017). He retired in March 2017 and is currently teaching in National Defence College, National Intelligence Academy and National University for Political Studies and Public Administration on subjects as Euroatlantic Security, NATO, EU and strategic leadership. Gen Savu wrote many books and articles, the last book being the Modern Military Espionage - The role of the leader in the management and development of strategic defence intelligence.

Silviu Rogobete Professor of Philosophy at the Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara, former General Consul of Romania in South Africa

Silviu Rogobete returned to the position of Professor of Applied Moral Philosophy at the Department of Political Science, West University of Timisoara, following a full-term serving as Consul General of Romania in South Africa (2006-2013). Currently, Professor Rogobete is the Director of the Doctoral School of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science, as well as heading the Office for Strategic Partnerships and Diaspora at the West University of Timisoara, Romania. His academic interest covers human rights, human security, religion and politics, diplomacy and foreign affairs. In October 2016 he was appointed Associate Professor Extraordinary of the School of Public Leadership of Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Nicoleta Pauliuc Senator, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee

Nicoleta Pauliuc is a Romanian lawyer and politician, assigned as senator in the riding no.25, Ilfov, in behalf of the National Liberal Party, in 2006. Currently, she is the vice-president of the Defence, Public Order and National Security Committee, member in the Committee for the Investigation of Abuses, Corrupt Practices, and for Petitions and secretary for National Liberal Party’s Parliamentary Group in Romania’s Senate. Nicoleta Pauliuc has a degree in “Juridical Sciences” that she got in 1997, then becoming a lawyer in the Bucharest Bar. During her career, she followed many post-graduate classes, such as the Mediators Coursework, the High State Actuaries Class, at the National Agency of State Actuaries and the Security Class and good governance at the National Defence College.

Mihai Fifor Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Partnerships, Senator, former Minister of National Defense

Senator, Secretary of the Defence Committee in the Senate, vice prime minister for Romania’s strategic partnerships implementation, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Minister of the National Defence and former Minister of Economy. He was previously appointed to be in charge with the defence industry.

MG Iulian Berdilă Commander of the Multinational Division Command (MNDHQ)

MG Iulian BERDILĂ was appointed as the Commander of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East on August 20th , 2019. He assumed the position of Strategic Planning Directorate Chief in September 2017. He is a native of Galaţi, Galaţi County and graduated the Field Artillery Officer School in 1992. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the Romanian Land Forces Academy, a Master of Military Arts and Science degree in Theater Operations from the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies since 2005 and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the US Army War College since 2014. His military education also includes the US Army Command and General Staff College in 2004, the US Army Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course in 2000 and the US Army Officer Basic Course in 1996. MG Berdilă graduated the English Language Course of the US Defense Language Institute in 1996. MG Berdilă’s previous command assignments include the 81st Mechanized Brigade Commander, the 2nd Infantry Battalion Commander, 1st Mechanized Brigade in Zabul Province, Afghanistan in 2011, Antitank Battery Commander, 2nd Infantry Battalion in 1998-1999 and Target Acquisition Battery Commander, 16th Field Artillery Battalion in 1997. For his service, joint and multinational staff assignments, MG Berdilă served as the chief of staff and deputy chief of staff for operations in the 2nd Infantry Division, coalition operations planner in Multi-National Force Iraq, G-5 for the Land Component Command, Aide-de-Camp for the Chief of the Romanian General Staff, NATO integration planner for the Romanian Land Forces and fire support officer for the 2nd Infantry Battalion.

General (r) Teodor Frunzeti Adviser in the Department for security - Presidential Administration, former rector of UNAp, former head of SMFT

Cristian Hostiuc Editorial director, Ziarul Financiar

He is 49 years old and has been working in the media for 25 years, since 1993. He has witnessed and written about all the important economic and business events of the last 30 years after the capitalist system reappeared in Romania.

Ionuţ Dumitru ASE university professor

Mihai Ionescu Major General (r), ISPAIM General Manager

George Tibil Defense and Security Monitor

Colonel (R) Consultant for European Affairs and Security in Brussels, former Deputy Director for Defence Policy at Romanian MoD magazine, former Romanian Delegate to NATO, EU Staff Officer, Romanian Military representative to NATO and EU, Brussels and researcher in Military Sociology. He studied at European Security and Defence College and he has a Ph. D. in Philosophy and Sociology.

Marian Zulean Professor, University of Bucharest

Marian Zulean is a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, director of the social sciences section of ICUB and co-director of the Black Sea Area Studies Program. He is the author of several books and articles in the field of military sociology and security studies and is part of the editorial board of the Annual Review of Political and Military Sociology. He is the co-author of the books "Strategies for national security in the Euro-Atlantic area" (bestseller Tritonic 2017) and "National Security Policy" (Polirom, 2007).

Ştefan Danilă General (r), Phd. - Defense and Security Monitor's project coordinator

The first airman appointed Chief of Romanian General Staff (Chief of Defense). Former fighter pilot, commander of two Romanian Air Bases. Adviser to the Minister of Defence and to the Prime minister. Expert in air security, with a PhD in air security. Expert on International Security Organisations.