Privacy Policy

Who are we?

The privacy of your personal data is important for us. This commitment about respecting the privacy explains what personal data MEDIAFAX SA collects from you through our interactions, and how we use those data.

Our identification data are: Name of the company: MEDIAFAX SA; Address: Str. Nicolae Iorga, nr. 5, camera 3, etaj 3, Sector 1, Bucuresti, Trade Register registration number: RO6969223; National Trade Register Office number: J40/642/1995; Phone number: 0318 256 410; Fax: 0318 256 410; The responsible person regarding data protection is CODRIN TARALUNGA, e-mail:

What is personal data?

“Personal data” or “data with personal character” are those individual unique information regarding a natural person identified or identifiable (the “interested person”), regarding name, address, social security number, IP or phone number, localization data, an online identifier or one or many specific elements, of the natural, physiological, genetical, physical, economic, cultural or social identity. 

Each time we are asking for your personal data we are explaining to you the purpose of that information, where we keep your data and who has access to them. Of course, we inform you that anytime you wish we offer you the information we have about you and of course we will delete them if you ask so.

What kind of personal data do we collect and why?

We collect personal data information to be able to successfully answer your demands. You provide some of these data directly, for example, when you register on the Platform, when you write us a message through our online contact application or, indirectly, identification data through your IP address. We do not use your IP address to identify you, but we inform you that this is archived from the moment you access our website- mainly for security reasons. You have the right to ask for IP’s erasure!

According to the interactions you have with our website, the personal data information we collect are:

  • Forename and Last Name - for identification and invoicing;
  • E-mail address- for communication;
  • Phone number- for communication;
  • Gender - for statistical purposes
  • Age category - for statistical purposes
  • Address – for invoicing;
  • City – for invoicing;
  • Company - for statistical purposes
  • Field of activity - for statistical purposes
  • Job - for statistical purposes

The personal data information demanded when sending the message are used ONLY to connect with you and to answer your demand. Ulterior, we can you for information envisaged by the fiscal code to bill the ordered/won products. 

Data information transmitted involuntarily, when using our website:

IP Address: when you are visiting our website, the IP address is registered. But we are NOT using your IP address to identify you or for any other purposes.

The operation system, browser, navigation activity and other information about how you have interacted with our website. We can collect this information by using cookies or other similar technologies. For details, please read Policy regarding cookies files.

What is the legal basis for collecting the data?

The data you are voluntarily providing us (name, last name, phone number, e-mail address)- the legal basis is different:

- your consent (Article 6(1) from EU’s Regulation 679/2016) for direct marketing activities, sending newsletter, event invitations, etc. 

-interventions for the interested individual before signing a contract or executing a contract (Article 6(1) b and c from EU’s Regulation 679/2016) to acquire our services or products.

We are using data information to send the fiscal invoice, if the case.

Regarding the data information we automatically collect by using cookies or other similar technologies, the basis to collect them is the consent. Once accessing the website and selecting the option YES/I AGREE you offer your consent over the process. For details please check also Policy regarding cookies files.

Why do we collect your data and how do we use your personal information?

You can choose the data information we collect. When you are asked to provide personal data information, you have the right to refuse. If you choose not to offer the necessary data for a service or to communicate with us, there is the possibility to not be able to get the information you want (for example by sending information you can make an order on the website).

How do we use your name and last name? Why?

The contact with you- it is necessary for you to provide us certain personal data information so that we can start the communication in order to sign a contract.

Detecting and preventing frauds- to prevent the use of your data by other users it is necessary for us to send you e-mails to confirm your identity.

Customer service- we use your data to offer you customer service assistance (details) directly or indirectly.

Information about phone, laptop or tablet and on how you use the website.

The information you offer us by browsing on our website, including the IP address and the device type. Also, we are saving information about how you use the website and the application. 

How do we use the information about you phone, laptop or tablet? Why?

-we improve your experience on the website, offering you the best version appropriate to your device.

-we offer you the best browsing experience on your website.

-we protect the website.

-we prevent and detect frauds against you or our website, to assure the privacy of your data.

You do not have to offer us any of the information above, but if you do not do so, you might not have the possibility to fully enjoy your browsing experience on our website. 

For how long do we keep your data?

We archive the personal data information only during the necessary period to accomplish our purposes, but only until you decide to disable your user account. If we sent you an invoice, your personal data will be archived for 10 years, as the law demands it. 

To whom do we transfer your personal data?

We will not expose your personal information to the third party, to use it in their own marketing or commercial purposes, without your consent. 

Still, it is possible for us to expose your personal information for the next entities:

Services providers. We can expose your information to other companies which help with your invoice, companies that are in charge with website’s maintenance or that send emails for you. 

These entities are carefully selected to make sure they accomplish the specific demands to protect your personal data information. These entities have a limited capacity to use your information in other purposes than providing us services.

The information provided by you, which have identification data that can be used in commercial communication or answers to your demands, and for some legitime demands, will be transmitted to state’s authorities or other parts with you consent or instructions. 

Beside the exposes described in the Privacy Policy, it is possible to transmit information to the third parties you consent or demand us to expose such things. 

What are your rights as interested person?

Protecting the natural persons regarding the personal data information collection is a fundamental right. Article 8(1) from the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and article 16(1) from the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union foresees every person’s right to protect his/her personal data protection.

The right of the interested persons regarding persons protection on their personal data information and the free circulation of these data: the right to information and access, the right to barge on the data; the right to correct; the right to delete the data; the right to restrict the processes; the right to data’s portability; the right to opposition and the automatic individual decisive process, including creating profiles; the right to make a complaint with monitoring authorities (


If you need any information about the website, MEDIAFAX SA services or products, you can contact us at the e-mail address:


-you want to find out more about the information on this page;

-you do not want us to use the information we have about you;

-you want to benefit any of the rights above;

-if you have a complaint against us,


Please contact us at the e-mail address or at the phone number above.


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