Continuity and discontinuity in Romania’s defence strategy during the 100 years since Romania’s Great Union

November 20th, 2018 JW Marriott Hotel, Bucharest
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Defence and Security Monitor, a Mediafax media product, is organizing, on 20th of November, the national conference "Continuity and discontinuity in Romania’s defence strategy during the 100 years since Romania’s Great Union". The event is organized in partnership with the National Defence Ministry. The conference will be attended by military and civil academic representatives, state's institutions personalities, diplomats, parliamentarians, ex-Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Businesses, representatives of the business field and the defence industry.


The conference aims to put in perspective the conceptual differences and the theoretical converges of national security’s evolution, following the transformations which have marked its historical moments in the past hundreds of years. The debate will try to identify national security’s characteristics in each period, the defining influences over its manifestation, the dominating thinking directions, the strategic expression formats, institutionalization solutions and the communication methods of its main benchmarks. Therewith, we will approach the dynamic of the national security concept, starting from its realistic-military meaning to contemporary ideological, technological or social incongruences dilemmas.  


“Continuity and discontinuity in Romania’s defence strategy during the 100 years since Romania’s Great Union” is the first of the forthcoming series of conferences organized by Defence and Security Monitor, which aims to create a debate place for representatives and policy makers of the civil, military, associative, businesses fields involved in national defence and security’s strategic areas.  

  • 1. The national security since the consolidation of national unitary state’s sovereignty, independency and unification to European peace’s collapse

  • 2. National security during the Cold War. Alone against the world?

  • 3. Rediscovering the European identity and the democracy. Is national security’s future one of strategic surprises or one of anticipatory strategic thinking?

  • 4. National security and common security in global (in)stability and major security’s (in)certainties era. Is Romanian economy ready to face the forthcoming security challenges?



Agenda 20-11-2018 Hotel JW MArriott
Opening Speech

National security from the stabilization of the unitary national state to the bankruptcy of European peace

Coffee Break

National security during the Cold War

Coffee Break

Recovering European identity and democracy. The future of national security is strategic surprises or strategic anticipatory thinking?

Coffee Break

National Security and Common Security in the era of (in) global stability and (in) major security concerns. Is the Romanian economy ready to face the security challenges of the future?


JW Marriott Hotel, Bucharest Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Bucharest 050726




Romaero SA is a Romanian company with a majority state capital, active in the aerospace industry. Romaero shares are listed under the Rasdaq base category under the RORX symbol. The majority shareholder of the company is the Ministry of Economy, with 51.90% of the capital, while SIF Muntenia (SIF4) has a 25.85% stake and the Proprietatea Fund controls 21% of the shares.



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